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2 Group
Pulse jet technology;
Steam boiler: Lt. 14;
Power: 6500W;
Voltage: 230/380V;
Frequency: 50/60Hz;
Dim.(WxDxH):802x605x537 mm

3 Group
Pulse jet technology;
Steam boiler: Lt. 17;
Power: 8000W;
Voltage: 230/380V;
Frequency: 50/60Hz;
Dim.(WxDxH):1032x605x537 mm

Aurelia Wave T3 Features
T3 technology gives the barista complete control over the temperature of the primary boiler, the coffee groups' boiler, and the head of each group. While the high-resolution touch screen continuously talks to these components for quick and easy adjustments. The Independent group head timers display shows independent shots simultaneously, eliminating the need for external timers.
Eco-sustainability has been included in the design of the Wave to contain energy consumption and improve environmental impact.
Pulse-Jet patented technology optimizes the flow rate and water pressure during the dispensing phase so the barista can explore extraction profiles that were never tried before.
Hot water with a temperature control system at three different temperatures and with three different preset volumes to customize your infusion menu.
SIS (soft infusion systems) reduces the importance of proper tamping techniques for better drink consistency.
Automatic cleaning process in which the barista can use the digital display to select the desired group or groups to be cleaned.

Aurelia Wave T3

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€10,673.25Sale Price
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